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Additional Services

While chiropractic care is a safe, natural health care alternative, it works best in conjunction with other healthy habits. To encourage lasting results, Morea Chiropractic Wellness Center also offers therapeutic exercises as well as supplemental and nutritional guidance.

The Therapy Room

Every one of our patients has access to our therapy room. Included in all individual care plans, this room is another way for us to put motion back into the spine.

Here, a Wobble Cushion is used to get fluid in motion and create opportunity for better movement. We also rely on neck traction to promote disc hydration and restore the curvature of the neck. Last but not least, our therapy room is home to a vibration plate that makes your muscles contract. The use of this plate stabilizes your condition before your chiropractic adjustment, setting you up for lasting results.

We Sell an Array of Health-Promoting Supplements

Unfortunately, medication can lead to illness, even disease. Putting foreign chemicals in our bodies is harmful. In hopes of naturally aiding body chemistry, Morea Chiropractic Wellness Center provides high-quality nutritional supplements. Geared toward reducing pain and inflammation, the supplements we carry do not harm, only enhance. We also sell protein powder, protein-rich snacks and limited sports supplements from high quality brands such as Ortho Molecular Products, Standard Process, Designs for Health and Vibrant Health. Be sure to check out what we offer.

Your Guide to Health

Utmost health cannot be achieved without paying attention to what we consume. The food and drink we put into our bodies are a large part of the equation. Low quality food lends itself to low-quality function. At Morea Chiropractic Wellness Center we believe that the key to reducing inflammation is to decrease sugar. We believe in the Mediterranean Diet, with an emphasis on healthy fats, reducing sugar through eating more fruits and vegetables and eliminating processed carbohydrates to help your body heal more quickly under chiropractic care.

Start Feeling Better Today

Let us help you make life-altering choices. All you have to do is start small to make a massive difference down the road. Dr. Mike has the knowledge to help you move toward better nutrition. Let him share with you what he knows.

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