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Morea Chiropractic Wellness Center Reviews

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At Morea Chiropractic Wellness Center we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us. Share your stories too! Click here to send us your feedback so that we can help to spread the word about the benefits of natural Morea Chiropractic Wellness Center care. For more information, or to schedule an appointment contact us today.

The most awesome staff you could ever ask to work with.

“I was experiencing dizziness and headaches after being diagnosed with vertigo. From the thorough exam and x-rays, it was discovered I had pinched nerves and my spine was out of alignment due to 600lbs of patio doors falling on me! My advice is DO IT! I have even lost some weight since I began. Since starting with the chiropractic services, I like how confident I am, not in as much pain, my mood has improved and I look forward to going back for adjustments. I highly recommend this office; the staff is so friendly and thoughtful. The most awesome staff you could ever ask to work with.”

– Liz P.

When you step into the building you realize they are there for you.

“The reason why I was seeking chiropractic care is because I fell off a horse many years ago and had many problems with my neck, back and shoulders. I was seeing a chiropractor, but he retired, so I was seeking another chiropractor who could help me. I went on Norton Shores Informed website and asked where to go. They suggested a few places, but what caught my eye was when I was on my FB page, and an ad popped up about Morea Chiropractic. They were a short distance from my house. I messaged them for more information, and soon after gave them a call. Dr. Morea suggested a care plan based on what he saw in the x-rays they had taken. As a result, my neck, back and shoulders are in far better shape than they had been. I have spoken to many of my friends and family about this practice. I suggested they consider Dr. Morea. They really know what they are doing and that they really helped me on my neck, back and shoulders. They made a difference in my life in that I don’t have much pain anymore, and that I feel better at work when I am on my feet for 8 hours a day. I really appreciate everyone who works there. When you step into the building you realize they are there for you, treat you like family, and want you to become healthier.”

– Laura B.

I feel healthier and more myself.

“I came to Morea Chiropractic initially with shoulder and neck pain. I was having difficulties performing normal daily activities at home and at work. I thought this would be my “normal” for life. But after meeting Dr. Mike and the team my life changed! The initial pain I lived with has gone down dramatically and I feel so much happier. I’m doing more with my family that I struggled with prior. I feel healthier and more myself. If you think that it’s “normal” to live with pain or discomfort, then you need to try chiropractic care! The results aren’t instantaneous, but each visit you will feel healthier and happier. Dr. Mike and the team are amazing! They personally care about each patient and want the best for you!!”

– Jamie R.

Dr. Mike saved him from the tubes!

“My son didn’t have to have tubes because of Dr. Mike! I tell people this all the time as they complain about their kids having to get tubes. My son had 4 ear infections back-to-back and had the ENT surgeon appt scheduled, but Dr. Mike saved him from the tubes! That was 9 or 10 years ago now and it changed the way we look at everything, diet, medical doctors, etc.”

– Allison P.

I Have Since Started The Rest of my Family with Morea Chiropractic

“I’ve gotten chiropractic care my whole life. It has helped me manage my various aches and pains. After starting at Morea Chiropractic and going through Dr. Mike’s program, I also began to experience relief from my acid reflux and stopped using antacids religiously. This is something I have struggled with for so many years. I have since started the rest of my family with Morea Chiropractic and have seen improvements in their lives as well.”

– Diana

Joanna Has Been Such a Happier Girl

“Joanna is a young toddler and has been seeing Dr. Mike for 6 weeks now. He has suggested we change her dairy intake and get adjusted on a weekly basis. The adjustment is more like a massage, but it helps eliminate the subluxations of her spine. She is now able to digest and have less tension in her ear. Joanna has had 3 double ear infections in the last year, so we took this route to be able to avoid having surgery for tubes. So far, Joanna has been such a happier girl with less problems of digestion.”

– Joanna C. – 20 months

My Daily Life Has Gotten Much Easier.

“I sought out chiropractic care because I was sick of just barely getting through the daily life. Constant Sciatica pain, lack of sleep because of back spasms. Severe neck and lower back pain with limited range of motion, along with numbness in my hands. Advice I would give to anyone considering treatment is don’t hesitate. Find a doctor who knows what they are doing but listens to concerns and cares for his patients like Dr. Mike. My daily life has gotten much easier. I’m able to work without as much pain. I sleep all night without spasms waking me up. I have been able to decrease my pain med usage in half. I have also seen my attitude change for the better. It is much more positive and outgoing. I thank Dr. Mike for making these things possible. I have more improvements to make still but I know I’m in good hands.”

– Robert

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